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Modern | Edgy | Strong | Redefined

Meet the Modern Bitch. A contemporary woman with the class of the women from the 20s and the strength of the women from the 40s. A cross between Rosie the Riveter and Miranda Priestly.

She’s not bitchy, she’s STRONG.

Our Founder

Jacqueline Poytress is an engaging and dynamic businesswoman with a knack for providing information in an empowering way. She is an influencer for women to find their passion and oversee the path of their choosing .

Her foundation to inspire women comes from her own experience of overcoming the murder of her newborn son when she was just eighteen years old. Jacqueline strongly believes, as women, we can walk through trauma and heal. Success starts with self-love and self- love is where your independence lies.

The themes in her speaking and coaching of self-responsibility, self- care, moving forward with passion and empowerment stem from her own experience of having to forgive herself, overcome her grief, and find her own passion to keep moving forward. Her personal journey of finding self-love has driven her to help other women find their own light, with love and passion to be in self-charge.

The Modern Bitch – she’s not bitchy, she’s strong – is a new voice for women to define being female.

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